Our line of Anti-Riot products is always increasing!

Riot Helmet

Protection Level  Full Protection Against Non-Ballistic Threats 
 Weight 2.6 lbs 1.18 kg
 Color Black 

• Provides full head, neck,

and face protection against

non-ballistic threats

• Helmet and face-shield made

of high impact resistant plastic

• Inside is padded to minimize

shock of blunt trauma to head

• Face shield can flip-up

• Comes with neck protector

• Adjustable chin strap

allows for perfect fit

Riot Suit

Water resistant exterior
• Adjustable Velcro straps at shoulders
and sides for secure fit
• Ballistic protection in front, back and sides
• Adjustable Velcro waist strap inside for secure fit
• 4 Front to back adjustable groin straps
with clasps for secure fit
• 4 utility pockets on the front
• Additional ballistic groin protection flap
that can be left up or put down
Coast Guard Vest
Vests • Specialized Anti-Riot Suit

• Full body coverage
• Hard-shell exterior made from nylon 66
• Soft interior for comfort
• Ergonomic design
• Jointed pieces for maximum maneuverability
• Adjustable straps for secure fit

• Chest protector
• Back protector
• Shoulder protector
• Abdomen and groin protector
• Thigh protector
• Leg and foot protector
• Biceps and forearm protector
• Tactical gloves
• Carry bag
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